If heaven was a place on earth, it would have to be a deliciously wholesome Italian spot in Bryanston known as Gemelli (Inserts heart eyes here). Now I know there has been a lot of hype around this place, however I would like you to allow me to show you exactly how amazing my own experience was.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I really wanted to take him somewhere special, somewhere that was completely different to what we were used to. Naturally I took to the internet to find exactly what I was looking for, and of course my timeline had been buzzing with great reviews about this particular spot (from that moment, consider my interest sparked). I had perused through the menu before our visit and had decided on a few dishes to try out. This is what I had my sights set on;


So, first I had to show you the amazing drinks we had, which I unfortunately do not remember the names of because they were off the menu, but I can tell you it was some of the best Gin drinks I’ve had thus far.


Pastella/ Tempura Prawns

For starters we had the Tempura prawns, which were cooked to perfection I might add. Light and fluffy on the inside and deliciously crunchy on the outside.

2A453B41-2A09-4836-A5CD-93740C0F4CDFSecondi/ Main Course

For mains, my boyfriend had a pepper crusted steak with porcini & shitake mushroom sauce, fried polenta cubes, rocket fine beans and a port and balsamic sweet and sour sauce (as per the menu lol).

I had the the ‘Gemelli Chicken’, which was a chicken breast wrapped in pancetta with a sage, olive red pepper and mozzarella stuffing. Right beneath it was a butternut mousse and potato puree with a onion and pancetta crumble and mustard seed jus (as per the menu lol).

Now listen people, it might sound like I’m throwing around a whole lot of fancy words, but it’s pretty simple, this meal was to DIE FOR. It was so good I could have probably had it for breakfast lunch and supper! It was so good that I probably would have licked the plate and asked them to put it back on the shelf. Honestly I would stand up and give Gemelli a standing ovation because they have outdone themselves (wipes drool off of bottom lip).

Pollo Gemelli/ Gemelli Chicken


Filleto Di Manzo Con Pepe/ Peppered Beef Fillet


Torta Di Formaggio/ Almond Nougat Cheesecake

Now for dessert I had to ask my boyfriend to choose the Almond Nougat Cheesecake (knowing full well that he is not the biggest fan), crossing fingers hoping he would want to have MY favourite dessert to end of HIS birthday meal LOL. Being the sweet man that he is, he agreed, and trust me we were not disappointed.

The staff are incredibly welcoming, and their service is impeccable. The venue itself was so beautiful that i literally wanted to take pictures in every corner of the place. The food blew and overall ambiance was incredible, I would definitely visit again!


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