Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes

Every once in a while we are lucky enough to meet people who push us and inspire us to be better people, and to reach those very same goals we had thought we could not possibly reach, people who make you believe that the impossible can be possible.

Pulani Mota is the founder of a newly established cupcake company called ‘Puly’s Cupcakes’, which of course delivers on nothing but deliciously home made pieces of heaven. I was recently invited to the launch of Puly’s Cupcakes at a beautifully home grown establishment known as Kofi in Vilakazi street Soweto, and had the amazing opportunity to taste every single one of her delicious flavors.

Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes – Marshmallow Surprise


The delicious Marshmallow Surprise, which had a sneaky-cheeky little marshmallow in the center with a glossy iced coating as well as tiny little marshmallows on top. I am not one for a tooth ache but trust me it contained just the right amount of sweetness with a vanilla sponge to balance the gooey sugary goodness on-top.

Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes – Oreo Caramel cupcake

The crowd favorite ‘Oreo and Caramel’ cupcake. Now this is something that every single person at your party will enjoy because who is not a fan of Oreo? Truth is, we all secretly dunk those chocolaty spheres into a glass of milk when ever we get the chance, and here Puly has mixed it up by drizzling some caramel over a chocolaty cupcake with Oreo sprinkles.

Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes – Kit Kat Cupcake

My personal favorite of the day was the ‘Kit Kat’ Cupcake, which was a chocolate sponge with a ‘swirl of caramel buttercream frosting’ as Puly likes to say, with a Kit Kat cigar slipped into the side to top of one gorgeous looking cupcake. I absolutely enjoyed this cupcake and had to stuff a few in my handbag while no one was looking for later (just kidding;)).

Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes – Red velvet Cupcakes

I had to save the best for last, which is the one, the only, ‘Red Velvet’ cupcake, now this one you would want to take back home to mamma if you know what I’m saying. A Red Velvet sponge is one of the most difficult baked goods to get right due to its color and balance of sour and sweet when making your cream cheese frosting. Which is why I have to stand up and give a virtual round of applause to Ms Mota for this tiny cup of mouthwatering deliciousness.

Along with our delicious treats we were able to try a variety of Kofi South Africa’s stunning smoothies, my favorite being the “yellow bone”, which contained mango and peach flavors as seen below.

Kofi Afrika
Kofi Afrika – Yellow Bone Smoothie

After tasting the different treats that Puly’s Cupcakes had to offer, I would happily give her a whopping 4.5/5 stars, which would have been a perfect score if i was given a doggy bag of course. I wish Pulani all the best with her little baby and hope that it continues to grow from strength to strength.


They say that there is nothing more special than a birthday cake, or a slice of some delicious tart or biscuits during your Sunday tea break, but I suggest you add a little bit of Fun to a birthday party, and a whole lot of flavor to your Sunday cup of tea. If you’re smart you would place your first order like yesterday by following the details below.

Puly's Cupcakes
Puly’s Cupcakes – Contact Details


Be sure to check out her social media pages to see all the sweet goodness that Puly has to offer, because lets face it, you eat with your eyes. Hashtag:YourWelcome

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