Rare Steakhouse - Clearwater Mall
Rare Steakhouse – Clearwater Mall

Every man/woman deserves a good piece of steak every once in a while, I for one check out the prime piece of meat options on every menu I have the opportunity to lay my hands on. Recently God has felt generous enough to bless us with a little piece of heaven known as ‘Rare Steakhouse’, located in Clearwater Mall (Strubensvalley).

knowing how much I love my meat, my boyfriend decided to treat me for a little ‘date-day-lunch’.

Rare Steakhouse - Clearwater
Rare Steakhouse – Frozen Margarita

To drink we had ordered Frozen Margaritas which consisted of; Tequila, Butlers Triple sec, lime and lemon juice blended into a tall glass of deliciousness.

Rare Steakhouse - Clearwater Mall
Rare Steakhouse – Garlic Snails

For starters my boyfriend decided to challenge me to try snails for the first time, and because Id like to think I’m crazy adventurous when it comes to food, I of-course decided to accept the challenge. Scared out of mind i went ahead and tried out the garlic snails. The question i asked myself after was- ‘why did you deprive yourself of nice things for so long?’

The snails were prepared with roasted garlic, butter and fresh cream, then flambeed in brandy. The snails were fresh, plump and soft, and personally, I had tasted a hint of blue cheese in the creamy sauce. The flavors in the dish are rich but not overpowering, perfect for dipping your bread. At this point I would definitely order the snails again, and would much rather prefer to order snails as apposed to muscles because they were prepared so well.

Rare Steakhouse - Clearwater Mall
Rare Steakhouse – BAF Rump Steak


For mains, we had ordered a 200g Rump Steak topped with thick cut oak-smoked bacon, avocado and Danish Feta served with creamed spinach and roasted butternut. My steak was medium to rare and cooked to perfection, the meat was soft and tender with almost no fat, which is a big plus for me, the leaner the better. The vegetables were packed full of flavor, perfectly seasoned, however I would have liked to have a little more cream in the spinach.

Rare Steakhouse - Clearwater Mall
Rare Steakhouse – Chocolate Brownie

For dessert my boyfriend and I decided to share a rather large Chocolate Brownie Slice paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which unfortunately looks a lot better than it tasted, the brownie was not sweet enough and the texture was dry, the vanilla ice cream however was smooth and creamy and assisted where the brownie lacked.

Rare Steakhouse has a earthy, warm atmosphere with deep dark woods and leathery seating which sets the tone for an overall rustic experience, the food was wholesome, delicious, with great portion sizes, and thankfully very easy on the eyes as well. I would give this restaurant a 4/5 stars, and would definitely suggest you pay them a visit, hashtag:yourwelcome.

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