Welcome to the land of soft fresh buns, rich cheddar cheese and the juiciest patties under the sun, our very own little treasure nuzzled in a quint little street in Rosebank, 19 Keyes Avenue.




Now if you’re anything like me, and are constantly on the look out to find the equivalent to the messy bundles of goodness displayed on most American fast food sites, well then look no further my friend, allow me to change your life real quick.




Can you honestly say that you have seen anything more photogenic than this beautiful burger I have put before you? I highly doubt it. BGR our very own ‘In n Out Burger’.



BGR provides a very simplistic menu which offers a short list of pre-adorned buns, as well as a quick and easy three step menu which allows you to create your very own mouth watering burger to your taste. the menu goes as follows:


Step 1: Choose Your Burger

  • Cheese-Burger – R 60
  • Double Cheese-Burger – R 80
  • Hamburger – R 55
  • Double Hamburger – R 70

Step 2: Choose Your Sides

  • Lettuce • Tomato • Onions (Grilled or Raw) • Grilled Mushrooms * Pickles • Peppadews • jalapeno •BGR Sauce • Ketchup • Mayo • Mustard • Hot Sauce • BBQ Sauce


*Side Bar – Guess what?, your sides are all FREE, yup! FREE!!

Step 3: Add your Waffle Fries and cool cool beverage

It really is just as simple as that!




Here I chose to add lettuce, grilled mushrooms, pickles, jalapenos, BGR sauce and Mayo, and yes my taste-buds were absolutely having the time of their lives. BGR offers tasty homemade beef patties that promise a mouth-full of flavor and would most likely taste just as great all on their own. I most certainly could not miss out on the ‘Waffle Fries’ which were light and crispy, and lets be honest who wouldn’t want to try out fries in the shape of waffles? FUN.


For a ‘Easy-on-the-eyes’, ‘light-on-the-pocket’, heavy on the flavor establishment, I would personally give BGR a satisfactory 4/5 stars.


Check out their Social Media Pages to SEE a whole lot more, because lets face it? you eat with your eyes, hashtag:YourWelcome.

@eatBGR – Twitter

@eatbgrza – Instagram




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  1. Every article you do is so different ,I stay intrigued ! Your wording ,your phrases’s like I’m inside your head which is so relatable ..especially the snails bit !

    Love this blog hashtag:thank you ?

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